The Increasing Amount of Self-Publishing is Creating a New Market for Experienced Publishing Editors

Self-publishing is something that has recently been put in the spotlight, thanks to the increasing popularity of electronic books. Previously, an author writing a book and publishing it all by themselves has been something very rare and almost unheard of. This was mainly due to the complexities of getting a book distributed all around the world into various book stores. But the internet has changed all of that.

First, we have electronic books, which can be purchased for just a fraction of what a paper book would cost and then read on a computer, mobile phone, tablet PC or e-reader. These electronic books are soaring in popularity, mainly due to their low prices and versatility. Self-published authors also like them, due to the fact that it gives readers a chance to get their book immediately, without waiting for it to arrive in the mail, or having to go buy it at a store.

Then, there are also companies which offer to print books on demand. Whenever a buyer makes an order for a book, it will then be printed and shipped to them. The printing company charges a certain fee for each book that they print, the rest can be kept by the author as profit from the sale.

Many proponents of self-published books say that they’re very beneficial for authors, as they have the effect of cutting out the middle man, which would be the book publisher. As a result, the author gets to keep a much greater share of the sale price of each of their books. But does this mean that book publishers are going to become useless in the near future? Not quite, it’s just that many would have to adapt their approach and business model to suit this new reality.

Experienced publishing editors can still find a lot of business, especially among self-published authors. In this case, the role of the publishing editor would be a bit different than the traditional one. Publishing editors have years of experience dealing with many different types of books. As such, they can give self-published authors a treasure trove of information on how they can improve the quality of their books. One of the areas where a publishing editor can help is with the book’s structure. The editor can review the book and recommend any changes to make it flow better. The author is free to implement some of the recommendations or all of them. After this, he or she still goes on to self-publish the book on the online platform of their choosing.

Exnihilopress can provide self-published authors with a quote for this service. The fee will depend on the type of book being published, among other factors. If you’re a self-published author or are interested in becoming one, you can always contact us through our website for more information about our services. We’ve established winning partnerships with many self-published authors and you can be one of them too!

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