Subject Experts: How to Write a Self-Help Book in Your Field

Do you want to write a self-help book? There is a large market for these kinds of books and there are millions of them being purchased each years all throughout the world. Before you start, you would obviously need to have one main topic. Of course, you should already be an expert on what you’re going to write. So for example, if you’re going to write a book about investments, you should already have great success in the markets that you can share with your readers.

Then, think of what message you will be sending to your readers. Will it be more of a straight “how to” guide, or will it take a different angle, such as recounting a story that happened to you or someone else, which could inspire people to make a change and be successful themselves?

Then, you would need to do some research on who exactly will be your market. In order to write a book that will sell well, you will need to know exactly who will be willing to buy it. What demographic will they be in, what occupation they have and what their goals in life are? Also, take a look at how many potential buyers you will have for your book. Obviously, the more people will be potentially interested, the more sales opportunities you get.

But choosing an overly broad market may not always be the best choice, as you will probably be facing increased competition and will have a harder time marketing your end product. This is especially the case if you’re planning on selling your book online. In this case, it may be a smarter move to gear your book towards a more narrow audience. This could be accomplished by making your main subject more specific. So for example, instead of writing a general self-help book on investments, you could write a guide about picking the right mutual funds for short term growth.

Next would come the part of getting the book itself done. When writing a non-fiction book, research is the key. You would need to spend several days coming up with factual materials that you will use in your book, which will make the entire essence of it. Then, comes the time to organize that information into chapters that will flow in a logical sequence.

All of this may seem a bit overwhelming, especially for someone who has never published a book before. But there is help available. Exnihilopress has highly experienced publishing editors which have helped numerous self-help book authors get their work published. Our editors can help you all throughout the writing process, by helping you pick a specific subject, doing your research, evaluating your target market and getting your ideas down in a logical sequence. All of this will increase your chances of getting a book that will be successful once it’s published. For more information on the services that Exnihilopress can provide you with, don’t hesitate to visit our main website and get in touch with us there.

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