Tips for Putting Together Your Poetry Book

If you’re a poet, chances are you’ve written a great number of poems already. Some of them may have been already published in journals or magazines. But now, you’re thinking of creating a book and having it published. There are many poets who’ve dream of having their own poetry book published. If you take the right actions, it’s possible for you to turn this dream into a reality. However, getting a book of any kind published will require some hard work on your part. Here is a bit of insight into the whole process:

You must first consider which of your poems you would like to be put into your book. If you already have them written in computer format, then this will help greatly, otherwise you will have to type them up. Use one page for each poem, unless some of them are longer than a page, of course. You will also have to make a decision as to how long you would want your book to be. Typical poetry books can range from 20 to 50 pages or more. But you can make changes to the length of the book later on, so the number of pages isn’t something that’s set in stone right from the beginning.

Organizing your book is a crucial part. While it may seem to be very simple in theory, in practice it can be a more time consuming process. There are different ways for you to arrange the poems. For example, you can have certain poems that follow specific themes, which you can group together. Or, you can order the poems to be put in chronological order. This is quite useful if they’ve been made from the point of a certain character.

Once you’ve decided how the poems will be arranged, it would be a good idea to have somebody else read your manuscript and tell you what they think of it. If you have a friend who is a writer or has a good knowledge of the world of poetry, this would be optimal. Having somebody else go through your work is an excellent way of getting feedback in the literary world. You would be able to get some insight on some mistakes that you’ve missed, or a few small things that you could improve.

Another thing that you could do is to work with a professional publishing editor. Publishing poetry books is one of the specialties of Exnihilopress. We’ve helped quite a few poets by reviewing their work prior to publication and recommending any changes that they could make to it. Unlike some other publishers, we don’t actually require that you use our services to publish the finished book. Indeed, you can choose to self-publish your poetry collection if you prefer to go that route. If you want to get some professional advice from one of our experienced publishing editors here at Exnihilopress, you can always contact us through our website to receive more information on the services we offer.

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